PT. Prima Bajaindo Sukses

Starting from the building materials shop, with the name Kadu Jaya, which was initiated in 2000, with a strategic location, on Jalan Raya Serang KM. 10,5, Bitung - Curug - Kab. Tangerang, and was managed simply and traditionally at that time.

Accompanied by a dream to achieve success that is more than just a building shop, with the support of professional human resources in their fields, business partners and loyal customers, Kadu Jaya switched its business from a building shop to an iron & steel shop, under the name Prima Bajaindo Sukses.

January 5, 2015, Prima Bajaindo Sukses officially became PT Prima Bajaindo Sukses which is domiciled in Bitung, Curug, Kab. Tangerang, PT Prima Bajaindo Sukses is a supplier of Iron & Steel, for Construction, Industry and General Affairs, and to date it has been trusted by more than 100,000 customers.

PT Prima Bajaindo Sukses is not only committed to providing solutions for Iron & Steel needs, but also providing 3 main commitments, to all customers, namely:

  1. Provide and supply a complete variety of Iron & Steel products.
  2. The accuracy of the product specifications / sizes desired, we provide for customer satisfaction.
  3. Customer trust, order quantity, and product quality, supported by fast administration and delivery services.

PT Prima Bajaindo Sukses is always loyal to serve customers with Complete - Accurate - Fast.

Vision and Mission


Become an Iron & Steel Supermarket with the Most Complete, Quality and Comfortable Products


  1. Providing Friendly Service, Fast & Accurate Information, by giving Smiles, Understanding Customers, Responding Right & Honestly, by Serving Fast Delivery, to all Customers with Royal and Loyal characters.
  2. Having Employees with Positive, Loyal, Honest, Productive and Initiative & Consistent characteristics, with High Dedication, Professionalism, Integrity by Providing Training, Developing Human Resources and Open Career Paths for the Common Welfare.
  3. Have a healthy cash flow, profit orientation, continue to grow and develop, by having branches throughout Indonesia that are managed by Professional and Competent Resources and Management.
  4. Supporting Central and Local Governments to Build a More Advanced Indonesia and Managed by Professional and Competent Companies.