• What is PBS focused on?

    PBS focuses on the supply, sale and distribution of steel products. By serving retail, trading and even online sales.

  • How do I transact and order goods?

    Please contact our Sales via telephone, whatsapp, email, or the official PBS online social media.

    Please convey the desired requirements, whether, type of goods, size, specific specifications and quantities.

    Our sales will complete, accurate, fast follow up what is needed and by sending the price quotation needed.

    If what is needed is complete, provided by our Sales, please quickly send an official PO (Purchase Order) via email or fax.

    Website www.primabajaindosukses.co.id
    Phone (+62 21 59401510/59401460/5982210/5983845)
    Whatsapp (+62 812 1293 0352)
    E-mail (sc@pbs Success.co.id)
    Fax (+62 21 59400729)

  • Why Offer so important?

    Every time you contact us, complete, accurate, fast, our sales will provide an offer, and will always be updated if there is no transaction at that time. Because iron is a commodity with a very volatile price. So that in order to maintain and provide competitive prices, we provide accurate prices according to the needs of our price quotes.


    How to pay?


    If a transaction has occurred, with the approval of the PO, the payment can be made with several payment options, including CBD (Cash Before Delivery), Bank Transfer **, BG (Bilyet Giro), or Check **.

    **) Terms and Conditions apply.


    Can payment be given on due date or Term of Payment (TOP)?


    Payment on due date or Term of Payment (TOP) will refer to the applicable terms and conditions.

    The tempo given can vary depending on the value of the order and the relationship that has been established between the customer and PBS, including the history of payments that have occurred.

    If you want to get a more competitive price, it is recommended to make CBD payments (Cash Before Delivery)

  • What is the minimum number of items in the purchase transaction?

    There is no minimum transaction amount there is a minimum tonnage (KG) for one full car to be delivered. For items with a length of more than 6mtr, there will be a calculation of transportation costs or shipping costs. ** Terms and conditions apply.

  • How about the sizes given?

    The principle of PBS is a trusted steel distributor in Indonesia. With our work motto, Complete, Accurate, Fast, which means PBS always guarantees the accurate size of every product we sell, so there is no manipulation of size. We also provide certificates for certain products with SNI standards. Before the goods are shipped, our logistics will take measurements with measuring tools that are carried out accurately for each product that has been purchased. Even consumers are welcome to choose their own desired size, and are also welcome to measure before the price transaction.

  • What are the terms of delivery of goods at PBS?

    Delivery can be made as long as the goods ordered can be sent together with goods from other customers (if the number of items is minimal to be shipped). The delivery schedule will follow the delivery schedule. Delivery is valid for Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi. For other areas in Java and outside Java, we will provide a reference for expedition services that can be used.

  • Can you ship iron under 1 ton?

    If the order tonnage is less than 1.4 ton.Customer can pick up the ordered goods directly to our warehouse. Alternatively, we can make shipments which are charged a transport fee or delivery fee.

  • How long does it take for goods to be delivered after placing an order / purchase order (PO)?


    Our experience, no more than 7 hours after we receive the PO and / or payment, we quickly send it to the address. Our Logistics Department is ready with Accurate, Fast delivery according to the schedule agreed upon with our Sales.

  • Where is the location of the PBS warehouse?

    Our warehouse is located at Raya Serang KM.10,5, Bitung, Kadu Jaya Village, Curug District, Tangerang Regency, Banten, 15810. Or type PT PRIMA BAJAINDO SUKSES on google maps.

  • Can you cut the iron or bend the plate?


    CAN. Convey the size requirements needed to our Sales.

  • Do we accept Laser Cutting Plates?

    Yes, we do. Please contact our sales